Thursday, May 20, 2021

Lamborghini Service Artarmon

Why it is Important to Use Lamborghini Service Centres Instead of Normal Mechanics


It’s a beautiful day outside and you decide to take your most prized possession, your Lamborghini Aventador for a whirl. 

You kiss your baby goodbye, walk outside, get into your luxury sports car and strap yourself in, ready to take on the world at full throttle when you notice that the engine has been stalling for quite a few minutes. 

So, you decide to take it to one of the Lamborghini workshops. On the way there though you decide against it rationalizing that it would be more cost effective to take it to a normal mechanic. Uh oh! Big mistake! Let us tell you why.


Why opt for Lamborghini Service in Artarmon ?

Do you live in North Sydney or Artarmon and are looking fir Artarmon mechanics ? If you own one of these luxury sports cars and live in Artarmon and it begins to give you trouble, Lamborghini service Artarmon centres  are the place to go. Why?

·         Because at a local workshop you will need to supervise the mechanic to ensure good quality work (which is not guaranteed even then). 


Visiting an authorized Lamborghini service centre will help put your mind at ease because the mechanics at these centres understand the distinctive nature of these sports cars. 


·         A frequently seen issue in Lambos is unstable engine revving. Lamborghini repairers will tell you that this could lead to issues with the transmission – a problem that is very expensive to repair. Basically, a normal mechanic would not know the common issues faced by this particular brand of car and would be less equipped to provide a solution than an authorized Lamborghini service centre.

·         As a luxury sports car owner you have the ability to digitally track the after sales service in progress on your vehicle.


·         A study by J.D. Power India called ‘J.D. Power 2018 India Customer Service Index (Luxury) Study’ found that close to 74% of owners of luxury cars got their modes of transportation serviced on the same day that they took the vehicle to the service centres reducing waiting times.


·         Putting your trust in Lamborghini auto repairs also means the ability to schedule future appointments and make payments online on a website or over an app.


·         Following the service, Lamborghini repairers will deliver the vehicle to your home or office, as per your preferred choice.


·         You will also be reminded about routine maintenance or vehicle servicing as part of after sales service on your phone.






Some common mechanical issues in the Lamborghini


If you have had your car for a while now, you may wonder if the dream car is really a dream. For now, unfortunately, we have to say yes. Lamborghini mechanics are so handy for this very reason. While in the past the company has recalled models due to wheels coming off and failure of warning lights, it was most recently in the news (March 2021) for its Aventador SVJ. The hood of the engine would fly off and get detached while the car was in motion!


So, there you have it. Plenty of reason to trust a Lamborghini service centre rather than a local mechanic.



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